• TMG is a Consulting firm in Strategy and Management of Information Systems founded in 2010 . We offer innovative expertise in transformation of organizations, project management, financial services and IS management;
  • TMG, it is also a network of consultants with international experience and whose know-how is put at the service of the innovation of the organizations

Strategy Advisory

With more than a decade of international experience, TMG provides a new vision of the consulting profession by positioning itself as a strategic partner of organizations. The role of strategy consultancy is to assist managers in defining master plans that ensures sustainability of their businesses. That’s why our mission is a committed dedication to real collaboration with top management as well as all players in your organization’s value chain.

Business Expertise

Through our international network of consultants and renowned experts, TMG offers expertise based on major main areas :

  • – Challenging your needs
  • – Transposing current regulations
  • – Developing appropriate governance
  • – Matching your information system

Project management

Inspired by the Steering Project Front to Back or SPFB theory, a mix of Project Management methodologies based on the “V cycle” and the Agile method, our consultants accompany you throughout your transformation process. Our approach is also based on the principles of efficiency and rigor as the « Lean Six Sigma » techniques.

The practice of our credo : « Transforming any potential threat into opportunities » and our methodologies allow us to embrace all your needs throughout the life cycle of your projects: Opportunity studies, Framing, PMO, Budget management , Procurement of operational deliverables (specifications, functional specifications – technical and certification dossier), Approval Strategy and Change Management.

Banking and Finance

MG has made the banking and finance business « spearheading » by specializing in the following areas :

  • – Retail Banking: Loans, Savings and Trading
  • – Capital Markets: Derivatives & OTC
  • – Structured Finance: Syndication and Securitization (Structuring of 3 FCTs to our assets)
  • – Regulatory and Normative: IFRS and Risk Management (Basel II and III)

We offer diversified proposals to improve your business processes, organizational and information systems. Indeed, our long-term perspective is to capitalize on our achievements in order to promote our expertise to new horizons.

Risk Management

The prudential management issues (Basel II & III) imposed by the various regulators – under the Basel Committee – require financial institutions to allocate optimal capital and a high solvency ratio to be able to cope with potential crises. Following the last financial crisis of 2008, the application of the CRD IV Directive has in particular strengthened the Mac Donough ratio by integrating substantial changes: liquidity risk, leverage ratio and a redefinition of equity. Having carried out a gap analysis through a study of the Basel prudential transposition vs the prudential WAEMU ( West African Economic and Monetary Union), TMG is the essential link determined to meet prudential challenges of the coming decades.


We accompany you throughout your transformation process.


Provide tailor-made solutions.


Motivated by the culture of the result.


TMG in the area of ​​CSR, allocates part of its annual benefits to health and initial training of young people in Africa.

The TMG culture and our group synergy translate into the fidelity and involvement of our human capital.

Our approach "Steering Project Front to Back" is inspired by a Mix of methodologies (*) of project management around 3 pillars:

  • – Transpose the regulations in force within the organizations
  • – Proposing governance tailored to your needs
  • – Matching information systems.

(*) V-cycle mixer, Agile and Lean Sigma